Harald Björk - Kris and Konflikthantering II/III - Kranglan Broadcast - KLN008

  • Harald Björk - Kris and Konflikthantering II/III - Kranglan Broadcast - KLN008

Kris- & Konflikthantering II/III (KLN008) features 4 tracks including songs from Harald's live repertoire as well as a remix of his Studio Barnhus debut Sabor Latino now interpreted by the queen of Pampa, Areal and Kompakt, Ada. Kris- & Konflikthantering is Swedish for crises and conflict management, as well as a course at university guiding you on how to manage scenarios involving crises and strategies in handling conflicts.

This album was put together while Harald was taking this course. This album was made during semi-unconscious conditions and is an emotional transcription of experiences to the language of sequences and frequencies. The soundscape is a warm fuzzy journey from krauty basslines, vocal fragments and mantras through echoes and reverberating tunnels with shimmering arpeggios, field recordings, and programed patterns in ancient Japanese Roland techniques. All recorded on the Studer B67 master tape recorder, the heart of the Kranglan Broadcast studio. The album is being released as a three-episode series with exclusive remixes on the 12″s. Kris- & Konflikthantering I/III (KLN007) features 4 tracks with traces from Harald’s latest release Fritids EP on Studio Barnhus as well as a remix by Petter Nordkvist under yet another moniker… It is the first time Harald and Petter are on the same 12″ since the Thunderpants era with Harald on the microphone and Petter behind the screen releasing on young John Dahlbäcks Pickadoll Records, time flies. Kris- & Konflikthantering III/III (KLN009) is the final ending with 2, 14-minute plus tracks. One dedicated to the ancient rave grounds of Hellasgarden where it all began in terms of dancing in dirty fields lit by sonar sweeps from the broadcast masts and strobes visible all the way to the city.

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