Ana Roxanne - Because Of A Flower - Kranky LP

  • Ana Roxanne - Because Of A Flower - Kranky LP

Ana Roxanne is no stranger to gender discourse. 'I'm Every Sparkly Woman', which appeared on her 2015 debut EP, was a re-reading of the iconic Whitney Houston - Chaka Khan cover, and a celebration of modern femininity and empowerment which later became about loving yourself irrespective of gender as Roxane came out as intersex. Now ready with her second full-length album, identity is never far from the table.

Opening with a spectacular spoken word piece told through multi-tracked voices, we're given an introduction of layers, shades and connected musical phrases that's at once abstract but coherent - the complexity of life on record, perhaps? From there we explore everything from Gothic choral to ambient, New Age and dream pop. The result is highly affecting, sublime stuff you sink into slowly and never want to get back out of.

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