Okki Nokki One - The Record Cleaning Machine Reinvented - PRE ORDER

  • Okki Nokki One  - The Record Cleaning Machine Reinvented - PRE ORDER
The Record Cleaning Machine Reinvented
Pre-order the new Okki Nokki now 449 euro (ex shipping)

- Single control button / extreme easy in use
- Bi-directional full-size 12-inch platter
- AND including label size patter
- Record clamp with label cover and a single adapter
- Extremely silent and powerful vacuum system
- Waste fluid reservoir with level indicator!
- All-in-one vacuum arm 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch
- Goathair brush, one-liter record cleaning fluid
- Including beautiful dustcover

The record washer has been reinvented!

For the record collector who wants to get the most out of his vinyl collection, it is important to be able to listen to his records as clean as possible. Of course, it helps to wipe the surface dust from the plates with a special brush. However, to be able to properly remove all dirt that settles in the grooves, heavier guns are required, see here the Okki-Nokki record washing machine. This record washing machine works as follows.

You place the LP on the turntable and secure it with the clamp. You switch on the motor of the platform, apply the cleaning liquid to the LP, and spread it while rotating with the goat hairbrush. Finally, with the extraction tube, you automatically remove all liquid and dirt. The LP is then perfectly dry and clean.

Specifications: One single control button: very easy to use; a small (label size) plateau and a normal 12-inch plateau: you can choose what you like best. The small plateau is also ideal for singles; Stainless steel plate clamp with a label cover: you can choose whether you want to use the label cover or just the plate clamp; an indicator on the outside, so you can easily see the liquid level; an “all-in-one” vacuum arm: the 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch arm in one; including goat hair brush and concentrate for one liter of liquid; including dust cover.

To be clear, this is a pre-order of the new model, the ONE.
In stock expected JULY / AUGUST 2020.
Delivery takes place in the order of pre-order (first come, first served).


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