Deca - Syntetic Lips - Mothball

  • Deca - Syntetic Lips  - Mothball

Federico De Caroli, or Deca as he's known in the industrial circles, one of those artists who was born out of the pre-rave, post-post-punk generation, and his explorative sounds have reached many different styles and corners of the spectrum. Thanks to Mothball, the Italian's second LP from 1987, Synthetic Lips, is now available again in all its brooding glory. Largely genreless throughout - difficult to place into one, that is - Deca touches on hints of coldwave, italo disco, and even some very early breakbeat in the likes of "Hydrogene". To be perfectly honest, this album is worth listening to from start to finish, and pretty much of all of the tunes on here have aged to perfection. Like a nice Chianti, this is to be tasted and enjoyed with an open ear, and enough patience to really get it properly. Delicious.

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